Clear the clutter...and keep it from returning!

If decluttering worked, you'd be organized by now! It's time to free yourself from the thoughts and actions that've been preventing you from becoming organized.

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"I discovered that much of the things stored away were for "someday." Now that my husband and I are of retirement age we realize that someday is either here or passed. I discovered that keeping things for someday was blocking my appreciations for the things of today and cluttering my house to the point of bursting"

Karen P.

Susan McCarthy of A Less Cluttered Life

Hi! I'm Susan!

And I know how it feels to always be decluttering.

I grew up with parents who kept EVERYTHING, so I did too. I was forever organizing and reorganizing my stuff but I was never organized.

When I emptied my parents' house, I rolled my eyes at all the stuff they kept...until I took a look at my own stuff!

I realized that the only way I'd become organized was if I let go of the stuff I didn't use. To do this, I had to change my thoughts and actions surrounding my possessions.