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"I discovered that much of the things stored away were for "someday." Now that my husband and I are of retirement age we realize that someday is either here or passed. I discovered that keeping things for someday was blocking my appreciations for the things of today and cluttering my house to the point of bursting"

Karen P.

Susan McCarthy of A Less Cluttered Life

Hi! I'm Susan!

And I'm passionate about helping you clear the clutter that's distracting you from your life.

Every space in my parents’ house was packed with stuff. For decades, I thought getting organized meant storing things in bins. 

Emptying my parents’ house showed me that items that don’t have a use or don’t bring joy are burdens that sap your energy. 

I didn’t have to become a minimalist. I crochet and make cards. My husband builds models. I volunteer for my town’s Friends of the Library and Garden Club. 

Decluttering my possessions helped me feel hopeful and discover possibilities. That’s why I became a professional organizer and started, to help others clear the way to a life they love.