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Ditch the doubts and distractions that have you holding onto stuff "just in case" and start enjoying your peaceful and organized home.


"This feels like an experienced and supportive hand guiding you through an emotional process."

 – Sue H


You know you should get rid of the stuff you don't use or like, but you feel overwhelmed by all the thoughts telling you to keep these things for "someday."

Let's face it--there's nothing more frustrating than wanting to declutter, only to find yourself just moving your stuff from one pile to another and never actually seeing a difference in your home. And there's nothing as disheartening as finally setting aside a day to tackle that decluttering project once and for all--only to be so overwhelmed by all the stuff that you don't know where to start.

You know that you should be taking a few minutes every day to declutter. Maybe you've even tried devoting an entire day to sorting through the contents of your closet and deciding which items make you feel joyful.

And yet, it's not quite working.

You keep telling yourself that you don't have the time to declutter (maybe you'll take some days off from work?). You worry about doing this the right way (what if you need something you get rid of?). You keep waiting for your motivation to kick in and inspire you to get serious about organizing your home. And when you do try and declutter, there's so many distractions - people want something from you, you already have a to-do list a mile long, you totally annoyed your friend the last time you took too long to respond to text - that sometimes you can't even remember what task you started working on!

Other people make it look easy. But for you, it's been anything but. You thought that the hard part was going to be figuring out whether to sell or donate the things you were getting rid of, but that was just the beginning. And now you feel like you must be missing something.

And you're not alone. Most overwhelmed people are missing something.

The truth is, clearing the clutter is a game changer, one that will help you feel peaceful instead of stressed, give you the space to do the things you've been telling yourself that you've wanted to do for years, and even show you what matters - not just in your home, but in your life as well.

The problem? Not acknowledging that if decluttering is a priority, you need to make the time to do it. Not realizing that the best way to improve your decision-making skills is to start making decisions about your stuff. Figuring that you'll wake up one day and be totally motivated to start decluttering.

If you've been thinking that it's all the things in your house that are the problem, it's time to change your mind about decluttering because it's the thoughts about clearing clutter that have been getting in your way.

But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?


And I want to help you clear your clutter, once and for all.

Susan McCarthy of A Less Cluttered Life

My parents kept EVERYTHING. We were forever "organizing" things into bins, boxes, freestanding cabinets, shelving units, and any other product that promised to create order.

But over the years, as we lined up these organizing solutions along the walls, and then stacked more bins in front of those things, the rooms closed in on us. My mother insisted that if we lived in a bigger house that we'd be organized.

I bought into that idea until I was well into my 30s. I was forever reorganizing my stuff. I thought color-coordinated files showed off how organized I was...until I realized that I never looked at 95% of the papers I'd so carefully sorted.

Decluttering wasn't easy or quick. At the time, I didn't really know what I was doing. I dithered. A lot. But over time I realized that I felt less stressed and burdened by all the things that had demanded so much of my time, energy, and attention.

Clearing through my clutter encouraged me to shift my career from teacher to professional organizer so I could help others overwhelmed by their possessions.


Imagine having a peaceful and organized home

Here's what that would look like....

  • Holding onto the things that you use and enjoy instead of worrying about where to store a bunch of stuff that you might need someday.
  • Welcoming people into your home instead of concocting another reason for not hosting book club or holiday meals or just having a few friends over for coffee or a meal.
  • Using the rooms in your home in a way that supports your need for rest and relaxation, creative projects, and connecting with family and friends instead of thinking how someday your life will be better.
  • Feeling confident making decisions about what to keep and when it's time to let go of something instead of being so overcome by indecision that you clutter your rooms with things you don't know what to do with.
  • Having the time, energy, and attention for the people, activities, and experiences important to you instead of blocking off yet another weekend for trying to deal with all the boxes of stuff that you've been storing.

"I had to change my attitude about my stuff. I also needed to be brave enough to face the emotional swells that go with opening boxes, seeing pieces of my past, and corralling the swarms of feelings. Believing I can handle this is half the battle."

- Amy O

Introducing Clear Your Thoughts, Clear Your Clutter

The course that focuses on the important part of decluttering - making decisions about what to keep and what to let go

Clear Your Thoughts, Clear Your Clutter is a transformative course designed to help you change your relationship with your stuff, so that you can clear you clutter and enjoy living in a peaceful and organized home.

Clear Your Thoughts, Clear Your Clutter was created to help overwhelmed people become organized people. Once upon a time, I was tired and stressed from trying to wrangle all my stuff into order. But after a while I realized that I was wasting my time, energy, and attention trying to organize clutter. Decluttering isn't about getting rid of all your stuff. However, when you decide to get rid of the things that don't matter, you can more clearly see what does matter to you. Clearing what doesn't matter highlights what does.

If you're someone overwhelmed by clutter, or you don't know where to start decluttering your home, this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.

"Thank you for the help and good advice."

- Margaret R


Learn how to see your stuff in a clearer way

Include a sentence or two here about the felt need or frustration that many people experience that leads them to need your product. Be sure to also include a sentence that reinforces the transformation your product will help people achieve, then show how your proven process will help them achieve that transformation:

Know how and where to start decluttering

This woman surrounded by boxes knows the benefits of creating an orderly home.

If you've been relying on spontaneously fitting decluttering into your day, then you're going to be frustrated when you don't see progress. Learn to manage your motivation, make the time to declutter, and deal with distractions.

Talk back to your distracting thoughts

Older woman looking at photo

How many times have you told yourself that you need to keep something just in case someone needs it someday? Thoughts like those might sound logical, but often they distract us from our goals of an organized home. Learn to talk back to these thoughts.

Develop your decision-making skills

For this woman to declutter items of clothing, she needs to use her decision-making skills.

Clutter has been described as delayed decisions. But even after questioning your distracting thoughts, you may be wondering how to decide what to keep and what to let go. Learn over a dozen techniques for honing your decision-making skills.

"We had way, way too much stuff. I needed help decluttering absolutely everything."

 – Lauren F


Get all the tools you need to declutter with confidence.

When you purchase Clear Your Thoughts, Clear Your Clutter, you'll have instant access to all the tools you need to create an organized home. This process shows you how to ditch your doubts and indecision and start decluttering your home. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. The best time to start is now.

Graphic of a head with swirling thoughts that can occur when you have a lot of clutter that needs clearing.


This five-module program is presented through videos, workbooks, and downloadable notes and slides. You'll learn to identify and question distracting thoughts that prevent you from reaching your goal of a peaceful, organized home. You'll learn the vital steps that help prepare you to declutter any of the living spaces in your home.

And you'll learn decision-making techniques for sorting through individual items as well as collections. Get guidance on making the time to declutter, deal with perfectionism, and learn what it takes to get and stay motivated. Cut through the blocks and doubts that make decluttering difficult.

Module One: Decluttering Is about Your Life

Module Two: Distracting Thoughts

Module Three: Get Ready to Declutter

Module Four: Decluttering Dilemmas and Solutions

Module Five: Decision-making

Graphic of a box ready for collecting items being decluttered


In this handy guide you'll learn how to create an action plan in 30-seconds! Creating a decluttering plan doesn't have to involve detailing your actions for the next month or year...nor do you need to rely on "winging it" with spontaneous actions.

This quick planning method helps to you stay focused each time you declutter and eliminate the distraction that can have you zigzagging throughout your house.

Graphic of boxes stacked on top of one another in an organized fashion.


Feel more confident when decluttering with these how-to instruction sheets for sorting through over 40 common categories of items like clothing, kitchen gadgets, books, and more.

You'll also get directions on how to declutter anything in your home.


You can request a refund within 30-days of purchase. An email explaining how you used the program and how you wish this program could be better would be appreciated.

"This gave me a productive starting place during a very emotional and overwhelming process."

- Lisa Wiese

Isn't it time to Clear Your Thoughts, Clear Your Clutter?

$157 $97

The Basic Package includes:

  • 14 Videos on decision-making, starting the decluttering process, making time to declutter, dealing with perfectionism, and talking back to distracting thoughts
  • Five workbooks with dozens of worksheets that help you clear your thoughts and your clutter
  • Printable notes and slides that support the videos and help you learn the information
  • Bonus guide - Distraction-free Decluttering shows you how to create an action plan in just 30-seconds
  • Bonus how-to declutter and organize pages show you step-by-step how to sort through over 40 categories of items

$233 $154

The Plus Package includes:

  • 14 Videos on decision-making, starting the decluttering process, making time to declutter, dealing with perfectionism, and talking back to distracting thoughts
  • Five workbooks with dozens of worksheets that help you clear your thoughts and your clutter
  • Printable notes and slides that support the videos and help you learn the information
  • Bonus guide - Distraction-free Decluttering shows you how to create an action plan in just 30-seconds
  • Bonus how-to declutter and organize pages show you step-by-step how to sort through over 40 categories of items
  • Bonus guide - Gentle Goals helps you identify the different tactic you need for finish line goals and forever goals
  • 60-minute one-on-one virtual organizing session with Susan McCarthy of A Less Cluttered Life to help you get started or to support you through a stickier group of items.

"I discovered that much of the things stored away were for someday. Now that my husband and I are of retirement age we realize that someday is either here or passed. I discovered that keeping things for someday was blocking my appreciations for the things of today and cluttering my house to the point of bursting."

- Karen Perkins


Is Clear Your Thoughts, Clear Your Clutter right for me?

WHAT'S INCLUDED WITH Clear Your Thoughts, Clear Your Clutter?

Clear Your Thoughts, Clear Your Clutter consists of five modules. Each module contains one-to-six videos, a downloadable, printable workbook, copies of the slides, and the written notes to accommodate your learning style - listening, reading, or doing.

You'll also get two bonuses - the Distraction-free Decluttering guide as well as directions for decluttering and organizing over 40 categories of items commonly found throughout the home.


In Clear Your Thoughts, Clear Your Clutter you'll learn:

  • How to make confidently make decisions about your stuff
  • How to address common complaints, like the lack of time and motivation, figuring out where to start, and preventing the clutter from coming back
  • How to deal with your need for perfectionism
  • How to talk back to the thoughts that fill you with doubt
  • How to eliminate the feeling of overwhelm when you're starting out and have so much to do


All the "START NOW" buttons send you to a secure checkout page. After your purchase of Clear Your Thoughts, Clear Your Clutter, you'll have instant access through a platform called Teachable that hosts the program. To watch the videos or access the printable pages, you will go to Teachable.


If your doubts and indecisions about the decluttering process are preventing you from getting started or if you've tried to declutter but find yourself holding onto so much stuff "just in case" you need it that you don't see any progress, this program is for you.

If you feel fairly organized and you're looking for a few tips to bring more order to your home, then this program will unlikely bring about a dramatic transformation.


No. You make all the decisions about your stuff. This program will help you feel more confident about those decisions. It's a common misconception about decluttering that you have to get rid of things you use and like. This is not the case. Deciding what to keep highlights what's important to you.


You'll learn to notice, and then questions, some of your reasons for holding onto things that you don't use, like, or appreciate. Just because a thought seems logical doesn't mean that it's true for you.


There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. I would appreciate knowing your reasons for your dissatisfaction.

"You have such a sensible and gentle approach."

 – Kerri Adams